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As you continue up the sidewalk to the main house, you walk onto the porch, and just to the right of the door (as you face the house) is the Ivy Green entrance sign.  Although the house was built in the 1820s, the sign commemorates Helen's life, so the dates are the year she was born and the year she died.


The doorsign at the front door of Ivy Green.  The sign reads ... "Ivy Green ... Birthplace of Helen Keller ... 1880 .... 1968"


After passing through the door, you will meet one of the guides to the home.  This person will escort you down the main hallway to the rear of the house, and there, in a little room that was probably once the serving room, you pay the price of admission.  The prices are reasonable ... the regular adult admission is $6, and there are various discounts.

  While paying admission, you can check out the postcards and pencils, and other artifacts for sale.  Underneath the glass at the desk in the back room is a letter from Helen to a Mr. Trump in Tuscumbia, written in 1924.  Select the picture to the right to see it in detail, and to find out what the letter says.  

This is a picture of a letter Helen wrote to Reverend Trump in 1924.  Click or select this to view a more detailed picture, with the letter text transcribed.

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