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A Virtual Walkthrough of Ivy Green

On a cloudy day in January, 2003 , my brothers, a family friend and I visited Ivy Green in Tuscumbia, Alabama.  We arrived armed with three digital cameras and proceeded to take about 250 pictures.  We included the best of those pictures here, so people who cannot visit Ivy Green in person can still see and find out about the house and property where Helen Keller lived as a young girl. 

The main house at Ivy Green.  Select the picture to see a larger image.  This was the house that Helen's family lived in.  The guest house, which is just to the right of the main house, was where Capt. Keller and Kate Adam's Keller were living when Helen was born, while the children from Capt. Keller's first marriage lived in the main house.  When Anne Sullivan came to live with the Keller's she lived in the guest house.  The guest house was also the school where Anne taught Helen.  The main house is two floors.  On the bottom floor there are four larger rooms and one small room. Today, there is one bedroom downstairs, a sitting room/living room, a dining room, and a room that serves as the display room for Helen memorabilia.  That room was probably a bedroom when Helen lived there.  Upstairs there are two bedrooms and a sewing room.  The kitchen was in a seperate building behind the main house.


The house has not changed much over the years.  You can see that by clicking here to see an image of the house that was included in The Story of My Life, which was published in 1903.


As you exit the parking area and approach the gate in the fence, there are several plaques for visitors to read.  Just to the left of the gate is the plaque pictured below.

The plaque reads:

Ivy Green The family home of Captain Arthur M. & Kate Adams Keller was built in 1820, being the second house erected in Tuscumbia. Here on June 27, 1880 was born America's First Lady of Courage Helen Adams Keller.

A plaque just outside the gate to the sidewalk approaching the main house at Ivy Green. Select the picture to see a larger image.

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