Welcome to Ivy Green, a web site devoted to illustrating the childhood home of Helen Keller, also called Ivy Green, in Tuscumbia, Alabama.  Below you will find links for a short Helen biography that was turned in as an assignment by Sarah Demirhan, age 11, from Campbell, California, as part of a Helen Keller scrapbook.  You will also find a picture gallery, that includes detailed alternate text descriptions of each picture.  We hope you enjoy your virtual visit to Ivy Green.
  A portrait of Helen Keller, probably taken in her mid-twenties.  Helen was quite attractive, and this picture indicates just how attractive she was.  Helen's hair is just over her ears and pulled up in back.  She is facing to the right, with a subtle smile on her face, much like the Mona Lisa.

Ivy Green

Helen Keller's Childhood Home

A sepia-tone picture of Helen Keller's childhood home, Ivy Green ... well, only the main house.  The guest house can be seen in the Gallery.  This picture shows a fairly small colonial-style house, that has red-brick chimneys at both ends, with two chimneys to the left and one on the right. A red-brick sidewalk in the middle of the picture leads up to a five steps and a small porch in the middle of the house. A sign to the right of the door greets visitors (more on this in the gallery).  There are four windows on the front of the house, two on each side of the porch.  The windows are framed with green shutters.  
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She will live on, one of the few, the immortal names not born to die. Her spirit will endure as long as man can read, and stories can be told of the woman who showed the world there are no boundaries to courage and faith.

- Senator Lister Hill of Alabama at Helen's Eulogy, June 5th, 1968

welcome to Ivy Green, a web site inspired by a recent visit to Helen Keller's childhood home of the same name, in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

The purpose of this site is to take you on a virtual walk through of Ivy Green, to provide additional useful information, and to point out other excellent resources about Helen Keller available on the Internet.  It is primarily intended for people who may never have the opportunity to visit Helen's childhood home in person, since Northern Alabama is not often a travel destination for many people.

This site is also designed to be readily accessible to the sight-impaired.  All pictures are described in detail, and the text is much larger than the usual text size for most sites.

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